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Dog Grooming, Boarding, Training, Walking, Daycare and more in Boston Area

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Dog Grooming in Boston Area

Dog Grooming in Boston Area

Our Services
P.S. We're not just about dogs! Our furry family also includes cats, and we're experts in cat grooming and care too. Your feline friends will feel just as at home with us.
We offer dog and cat boarding.
Facility boarding as well as client home boarding is available
We provide
Worry-Free full day and half-day Doggy daycare that we call "Play Dates"
We Train Your dogs and teach you how to improve their behavior.
We also have an amazing Puppy School
We are a fully certified grooming facility.

Gentle professional Grooming Only!
15 And 30 min engaged dog walks are available as well as home visits to check on your pet!
Lady & the Leash is a vet tech lead facility, we offer medical aid home visits to all of our clients
why us?
Veterinary Technician Expertise
As a woman-owned business led by a veterinary technician, we provide expert pet care. With our deep understanding of animal behavior, k9 body language, and medical knowledge, we offer a unique insight that ensures the well-being and safety of every animal entrusted to us.
Kennel-Free Environment
At Lady and the Leash, we believe in giving your dogs the freedom to roam and play in a safe, supervised environment. We stand out by offering kennel-free stays where dogs can feel like at home, while our dedicated staff builds strong bonds and caters each dog's unique needs.
Anxious Animals comfort

Our experienced team works closely with your precious pets, paying special attention to their emotional and behavioral needs, especially when it comes to dog grooming. Trust us to handle even the most anxious pups with love and compassion. All of our staff members are trained to work with all kinds of dogs, including anxious and even reactive dogs.

Free Veterinary Technician Consults
Our commitment to saving you time and money sets us apart. We offer free veterinary technician consults to our clients, allowing you to seek advice and guidance without the need for expensive veterinary appointments. We provide valuable insights, help you make informed decisions, and ensure your pets receive the best care possible.
our clients say it best
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My story
My story began when I embraced the belief in leading by example and became the change I wished to see in the world. I am a veterinary technician and starting my own pet business allowed me to dive into the small animal community. I have been working with animals since 2013 and the knowledge I have acquired has allowed me to properly educate pet owners and efficiently train my staff in hopes to positively touch as many animal lives as possible.

I want to use my platform to promote proper pet care and all the other things that come along with owning a pet. In helping animals, that starts with our client relationships. We make it fun, easy to learn and create a safe place for animals to go and for owners to ask questions.
Diana, the Owner
Our company's homey touch ensures peace of mind and upholds our motto, "Where pets are treated like family".
"Every dog is a good dog with the right guidance"
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